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Nigeria: February 2006 - Page 1

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Patients waiting to be seen at Miango in Plataeu State. Sarah is in the midst of them trying to maintain order at the pharmacy window.

Larry and Dr Danladi assessing patients during the clinics at Miango village.

Sarah helping in the pharmacy with Grace Gora one of our faithful team. Lauren is ready to help in the background

Lauren in the pharmacy at Miango with some of the $1000 worth of drugs that we bought in-country

Kristen & Lauren at the clinic in Miango a village outside of Jos in Plataeu State where we conducted a 3 day outreach

A precious little girl waiting her turn to be seen during the Miango Clinics

A view of the village of Miango, hard, rocky ground

Ladies carrying bundles by patients waiting their turn for treatment at the Miango Clinic

Patients lined up waiting their turn to be seen during the Miango outreach

Another view of the village of Miango, desolate, primitive, needy

Praying for the patients of Miango, Ministering to the spirit and physical man

Our Miango Team consisting of health care workers, miniisters, volunteers and of course the family

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