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          November 2011

Nigeria Update
This month's update on Nigeria is much the same as the last several months. That is, violence and unrest still pervade the country, especially in the northeast corridor of Jos-Maiduguri where we focus our work and travels. The group Boko Haram continue to cause death and mayhem in their effort to implement Sharia Law as the law of the land, or at least in many of the northern states where Muslims are the majority. Therefore, once again I am putting off traveling to Nigeria at this time looking to next year in February for our next time of ministry and outreach there.

Bush Return
As I stated last month, it has been two years since either I or any of the team have been to the bush to visit and assure the villagers that we have not forsaken nor forgotten them. However, several of the team are planning an outreach to Yauiri and Bazamri this month to do just that. They need our prayers for safe travel and keeping and a prosperous journey. We have been delayed in our work in the bush just as we were beginning to see fruit and progress after 15 years of tilling and nurturing the soil. BUT, delay does not mean deterred for we are still DETERMINED to finish the work that God has called us to, there in the bush of NE Nigeria, and this WE WILL DO, in God's perfect timing and leading.

Casa Shalom
So while we wait for the doors to open again in Nigeria we are excited about new opportunities of ministry that God is bringing before us as we talked about last month. The first of these is a family outreach in conjunction with our home church to the Casa Shalom Orphanage in Guatemala, December 5-9. This orphanage is a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children whose families cannot afford to care for them. Also, high risk children and children who have suffered form physical, mental or sexual abuse, all of which are a result of the extensive social and family disintegration and violence so common in Guatemala. The orphanage is committed to healing the heart of each child along with providing them clothing and shoes, nutritious food, a quality education, a family and a home, all within an atmosphere of love and discipline. Above all, Casa Shalom provides complete Christian formation for its children and stresses Christian values which is indispensable for creating responsible men and women of God.

You Can Help
If you would like to help with this outreach by sponsoring a child we would be delighted. One Hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125) will buy two (2) pair of shoes and several gifts per child to help them have a blessed and Merry Christmas. There are still 30 children left to be sponsored with this need. Perhaps your church or Sunday School class or organization would be willing to partner with us in this outreach. In addition, our remaining family expenses for this trip are $3500 for which we also greatly appreciate your help with meeting this need.

From Robert, Lauren, Kristen, Sarah, and myself may you all have a

Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank You for helping to make our work possible.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah