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            October 2011

Expanded Focus
This month's newsletter is a little late in getting out as we have been attending a couple of Missions Conferences this past week and have been on the road. The conferences were a blessed time of fellowship and networking but most importantly, God spoke to our hearts concerning His direction for Dorcas Medical Ministries. One of the conference themes was change with the statement that ‘change is inevitable, with you or in spite of you, change will happen.' Change has been coming to this ministry for a couple years now, but especially this year, I have felt that God was leading us in a new direction. Now, it is not so much a new direction as it is an Expanded Focus. Since 1995 when God established this ministry, we have been zeroed in on the work in Nigeria, making an average of 2 trips a year, conducting medical clinics and establishing a solid relationship with the villagers and their leaders in the Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State. However, these past two years I have only been able to travel once a year and then only to Jos for pulpit ministry. The last time that I or any of our Nigerian team were able to visit the bush was the Fall of 2009 due to the unrelenting violence and unrest that now pervades the country. Normally, as you know, I would be making plans for my annual November Outreach, but once again, I have been advised but the brethren there in Maiduguri and the leading of God's Holy Spirit to my heart that now is not the time to go.

Come Alongside
So! What now? How do we answer the burning call in our hearts to take the gospel to those to whom he was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard shall understand. Rom 15:21? I believe God is leading us to come along side and partner with other ministries/ missionaries around the world to help them reach the lost in their fields of labor by using The Key of Medicine to Unlock the Gospel Door. Several contacts were made concerning this end during the aforementioned Missions Conferences, so we hope to have some firm plans for the coming year to share with you very soon. We are excited about this new expansion and continue to seek the Lord for His revelation to our hearts as to how to proceed.

Guatemala Christmas
One outreach that is already planned that will fulfill this expanded vision is our trip, in conjunction with our home church, to take Christmas to an orphanage in Guatemala in December. We will be going to the orphanage at Casa Shalom sharing the love of God with the 50 children there - 18 girls and 32 boys - ranging in age from infants to teens. We are excited about this trip for many reasons; a new field of labor, sharing with several first time missionaries on our team of 14, the encouragement and growth of our home church's mission program, and of course going as a family for the first time since our 2008 Outreach to Nigeria.

And what of Nigeria?
As always we are setting on ‘GO' whenever the door swings back open to continue the unfinished work there in Nigeria. One of the main reasons we are having so much trouble getting back into Nigeria now is because of how receptive the people had become to our message of the gospel through our humanitarian outreach. The devil is mad but we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah

Thank you for your help with the Guatemala Outreach
Expense Need $3500