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          June - July 2011


‘How was your trip?' I have been asked upon my return from Nigeria at the end of May. My answer, "Rewarding but disappointing at the same time." It was very rewarding in the sense that the Pastors and Ministers Conference was the best that I have been privileged to participate in over the last 16 years. There were 6 ministers sharing over the 4 days of meetings and all of our lessons built on each of the others even though none of us, of course, had communicated together. The theme was Secrets of Multiplication – becoming fruitful in your ministry. It was truly a rewarding time not only during the lessons but even more enjoyable was the fellowship with the other ministers back at the guest house which we shared together. And though the crowds this year were a third of what they have been in the past, they were very attentive and enthusiastic to God's word.

That brings me to the disappointing part of my trip. I was limited in my travels to the middle of the country and thus was unable to get to Maiduguri and the bush. The violence and unrest that has plagued the country since last fall and has continued through the just concluded elections has made travel, in many of the northern states especially, hazardous, even for the Nigerians. This, of course, accounted for the decreased crowds at the conference. The week before I left I was informed by the team leader in Maiduguri that it would not be possible for me to even come to the city without a heavy security presence and if I did come going to the bush was out of the question. In fact, the team has not been able to visit the villagers since last Spring because of the country's unrest.

No Change
Since my return, the news from Nigeria continues to be one of random violence and unrest to the point that curfews and restriction of movement have been imposed in other cities besides Maiduguri. Please pray with us for the brethren there, for their safety and well being as well as for a resolution of peace for the country.

Thanks, Need Met
Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of our partners who made this trip possible in meeting the needs of the expenses and supplies and prayer covering. God Bless,

Your Servants In Christ,
              Larry – Sarah