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                                              April 2011


Election Violence
The news from Nigeria continues to be one of violence and unrest. Much of the violence is now directed at political rallies for candidates running for office with elections beginning on the 2nd of April and continuing for several Saturdays. This violence is aimed at the population in general but the Christians in particular. The reasoning, of course, is to intimidate the Christians into not voting so that a Muslim candidate can be elected to the presidency and other offices as well, but especially the presidency. The reports I am receiving from the team and others on the ground there confirm this violence in spite of increased security and police presence. Please pray sincerely and earnestly with me for the protection of all of those that go to exercise their constitutional right to elect the candidates of their choice and that they will vote informed and intelligently. Pray also that those who continue to try and disrupt and subvert the democratic process will be discovered and apprehended.

The Last Days
This turmoil is the rule not the exception in the Middle East and Africa as we watch, spellbound, the news nightly from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia and other places in that region. Even here in America, the news is of argumentative confrontation rather than reasoned, intellectual, adult debate when we have differing opinions regardless of the conversation, be it political, economic, or especially religious. Lift up your heads, your redemption drawth nigh; as you see the Last Days approaching.

Faithful to Continue
So what do we do? Crawl in a hole and pull it in around us and hope that no trouble will come nigh our door? Or, do we continue in the path that God has directed us to walk? Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me. He promised to go with us even to the end of the world. So we will be faithful in the calling on our lives and continue the work that he has given us to do, small though it may be in man's eyes. His reply, ‘If not you, than who?'

Nigeria in May
Therefore, my plans continue for the Outreach to Nigeria, May 14-29, during which I will be conducting our clinics in the bush along with participating in the annual P&M Conference in Jos. I am excited and ready to go and homesick to be there. I understand and appreciate the risks but am trusting God, who called me, to go before to keep and guide me. Such are the feelings of friends of mine who also have works in Nigeria, that they too have been hindered in performing, because of the ongoing violence. So again I ask you to pray: 1) that I will be objectively sensitive to God's direction and leading concerning this trip, 2) I will find grace and favor in the eyes of the Nigerian consulate to receive a Visa, 3) God will go before to protect and keep me in transit and in-country, 4) for grace and favor with the village leaders for their donation of land to this ministry to their people's benefit and the promotion of God's Kingdom.

May Nigeria Outreach Expenses
Budget                   $6500
Received                  5065

Thank you sincerely, for your faithful dedication and support to this ministry. May the Lord multiply your blessings sown to reap a mighty harvest for His kingdom and bring back on you blessings 30 - 60 - 100 fold.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah