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                                             March 2011

Flowers for the Living
A friend recently sent us a very nice message with a flower pictured stating the old adage "give flowers to whom flowers are due while they're living." That is what I am attempting to do in this month's newsletter.

Desperate Need
We were recently made aware of a serious medical need of a fellow missionary who lives in a third world country. They had an operation while in country last year to correct a problem, which, rather than correcting the condition the operation in fact only made it worse. As I said, this is a resident missionary in a foreign land living by faith in God for their support and provision. They do not have health insurance or a fat bank account. Everything they have goes into their ministry to reach the lost where God has planted them. We were approached about this situation and asked if we could speak to anyone at the hospital where Sarah works to find out if they would be willing to treat our friend for free and perform the corrective surgery our friend had been informed they desperately needed. To be honest, I was not too optimistic. Even though God had provided free services for me from this same hospital in the past, I had my doubts that the hospital would respond to our friend's need as they had to mine, Sarah's husband.

Need Met
With God, all things are possible. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. Sarah sent an email to a doctor whom she has worked with in the past in the OR telling him of the situation and asking for his help in providing free care for our friend. This was on Thursday night. On Friday morning, the doctor called Sarah at work and left a message for her to call him because she was too busy to take his call at the time. When she returned his call, it was not his office switchboard or secretary that she reached. He had given her his private number and he answered personally! He said he would be happy to see and treat our friend without obligation. In fact, he gave Sarah the information she needed to begin the process of getting charitable financial aid that the hospital provides for just such cases. In addition, an appointment was made for our friend for one week later, which when they were seen, the initial office visit fee of $400 was never mentioned! At that visit, our missionary co-worker was told by the doctor that, yes, they needed corrective surgery, but not to worry, though it may take some time he would see to it that they would receive the financial aid necessary and they would be fixed!! PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!

One of my favorite themes is Routine, for I truly believe that the greatest ministry one can have is a routine that daily exemplifies one's Christian convictions. This is the ministry of my wife, Sarah. She has been working at this same hospital for over 20 years during which time her daily routine has always portrayed her faith and believe in Jesus Christ as her source and guiding light for her conduct. It was this ‘routine' I believe that spoke to that doctor and touched his heart to reach out to a complete stranger to meet this desperate need. Just bloom where you are planted. You will probably never know all the people you touch by your ‘routine' life that is a witness for Christ.

Nigeria Update
Three weeks ago I received a text from our team leader in Maiduguri stating that he had narrowly escaped death and as it was risky for any Christian to travel, I should postpone my trip indefinitely. However, in the last few days the tone of the texts have changed in the messages that I am receiving even though there are still reports of violence on the web.
-Maiduguri is gradually getting peace though the situation is still tense
So, I continue to make plans for travel in May and the brethren there repeatedly state that they look forward to my coming. We ask you to pray with us for the restoration of peace and sobriety in Nigeria and for God's guidance and wisdom in planning for this upcoming trip.

   Your Servants In Christ,
                        Larry - Sarah

Exercise your faith - starve your fears