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      February 2011

True Situation on the Ground
I wrote last month that I was contemplating a trip to Nigeria this February as we have done for the past 15 years to conduct our regular village clinics. Therefore, I sent the following text to some of the brethren that I work closely with while I am there to get their feel of the true situation there on the ground:
If I'm coming in February I need to make reservations. Do you think it would be wise to come at this time?

Their Responses:
Ok. It will be ok. (This brother is the eternal optimist)

To be sincere, the situation is still bad. There is still attacks on Christians and churches. Am now with other believers at St John's church waiting for National CAN coming to console Christians here over the recent burning of churches and killing of a pastor and some believers. Somehow we are trusting God to restore peace and security.

I will confirm by the end of the month whether it will be good. But for now security in Maiduguri is too tight. Just last week several churches were burnt, 2 died and 1 wounded. Apart from that, election procedures have started, thus security is very tight. However, by the end of January we will confirm should you come or not. Every member of the team is doing well, none of us is affected.

Not At This Time
So two of the three advised against it. In addition, a fellow missionary who was planning a trip there in late January was also advised by his contacts in Nigeria to postpone at this time. As we have monitored the news daily from the Internet, there have been new reports of violence and bloodshed every few days along the Jos - Maiduguri corridor which I travel. All of this just confirmed what I was feeling the Lord saying to me, - "Not at this time!"

Looking To May
So with that settled, I am turning my attention and efforts to travel in May. This will be a two pronged trip as is always the case with our Spring trips. I will be conducting our rural clinics with the team as well as participating in the annual P&M Conference in Jos. I had also asked if any of the team had been able to get to the villages recently and received this reply:

No sir, have not been to villages yet Maiduguri still under serious security restriction. I will do so as soon as restriction over. I was with Rev at his house just of recent and he was saying the leaders are willing to give us the land. Be encouraged because God is watching to fulfill his plan for the Kanuris. He will do it

He Will Do It!
What Faith! I am being encouraged to Keep the Faith and know that God will fulfill His work among the Kanuri. This, by the very ones who themselves are in the midst of killings, burnings, security restrictions and violence directed at them because of their faith. Yet they know, He Will Do It!!

Your Servants In Christ,
             Larry - Sarah