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   December 2010

Hot Time
The reports I am receiving from Nigeria is that a relative peace and calm has been restored. With the help of a continued and obvious police and military presence, I might add. In addition, the federal and state elections originally thought to be planned for January next year have been scheduled for April. However, the P&M Conference in Jos that had been moved from March to the end of April, to allow the country to "get over" the elections if held in January, is still scheduled for the last week in April. Therefore, I am making plans to travel to Nigeria next year with dates set tentatively for April 15 to May 3. By switching my normal visit from Feb-Mar to April, I will be going at one of the hottest times of the year. As one dear brother recounted about his visit to Maiduguri during this season, "Hell was leaking in Maiduguri." I have already been cautioned by the brethren in Maiduguri of this fact and understand the conditions. However, I trust that I will be able to make it with God's help and grace. I must at least try once unless I receive a clear No!' from the Lord.

His Timing
So we ask you to please mark these dates on your calendars and make it a matter of prayer for us and our Nigerian team that God will give us grace and favor, traveling mercies and relief in the heat. My plan to accomplish on this trip will be to 1) procure the land (donation) as the current chief has promised us (I am told), 2) mark it off and begin putting up a perimeter fence, 3) carry on our regular clinics in the villages. I know, these goals sound the same as those that I have had on previous outreaches. However, we are trusting God that this will be the time of His PERFECT timing when they will be accomplished and we can move on to the next phase of fulfilling the vision that God has given us for the Kanuri of NE Nigeria.

Ya'll Come
The timing of this trip will make over a year since I was last in Nigeria to conduct clinics due to, as you may remember, the heightened tension and subsequent cancellation of our November Outreach. In spite of that, the tension and unease that the Nigerians live with on a daily basis, we invite you to join us for a two week journey that will last a lifetime. Please let us know your prayerful intentions by returning the enclosed Prayer Request or by phone or email.

Your Servants In Christ,
                    Larry - Sarah

Sarah and I along with Robert, Lauren and Kristen extend to all of you our partners in this ministry, wishes for a truly blessed holidays. May the Joy of Christ's birth and the Peace on Earth that His Salvation brings to each of us who know Him as our personal Lord and Savior, be yours now during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year.

Merry Christmas