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      September 2010

Good News
Right after I wrote and distributed last months letter, I heard from our main contact in Maiduguri. His message to me read, "The issue of the land is settled. Except that the location has not been shown because of the flood. The rain this year has been too much. The chief said we should wait until the rainy season reduces." Praise God! We rejoice at the good news and are thankful for God's favor with the new chief. Let us pray that the location will be as God ordains and that it will be of the most benefit to His work there in the bush.

Dates Set
The reverend also suggested that I make my trip the first two weeks of November because of the heavy rains. So I am planning the Fall Outreach for October 31 to November 14. As we have stated in the past, anyone who is interested in a life changing two week mission, we would welcome your participation on this outreach. Just contact us via email or phone or return the enclosed Prayer Request to the address above and we will gladly get you the information you need to be a part of the team.

Budget Thanks
We are also grateful to report that many of you have faithfully partnered with us concerning the expenses of this trip as you always do. We have received $360 of the needed funds for this outreach. Thank You.

November Outreach Budget
Medicines: $ 500
Van Fees:     300
Expenses:   3340


Your Servants In Christ,
            Larry - Sarah

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