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         August 2010

(Africa Wins Again)

Last month I reported that the leader of our Nigerian team in Maiduguri had been in contact with the new area chief and had been received favorably. In fact, he told me that he was to go out to the village with the chief to view a piece of land that the chief had promised to give us. Therefore, I was expecting to report great news to you this month about the procurement of land for the clinic. Unfortunately, I have not heard from our brother since the middle of last month. However, one of the other team members reported to me that he had spoken with him and there was nothing new to report. Patience, Patience, Patience.

Fall Outreach
I am still making plans for our regular fall outreach at the end of October/ November, though the dates have not yet been set. As always, I will be taking medicines in my luggage for the bush clinics. As I am sure you are aware, the airlines are charging more and allowing less baggage to be checked on each flight which limits how much we can do. This is also when we must begin paying taxes/ fees on the van since this was the time of year that we bought it. I would welcome you to join me on this outreach. First and foremost with your prayers, as I am again requesting all who will to join us in a daily prayer vigil for the entirety of the trip. Secondly, we covet your financial support and finally, I would be excited to have you accompany me on a two week journey that will last a lifetime. Please contact us on the enclosed Prayer Request on how you would like to help and the time(s) that you will be praying.

Slaughtered Chickens?
The news from the Internet is still reporting sporadic violence in and around Jos while our contacts there report a return to normalcy of sorts albeit tense. A good friend has just returned from Jos and reports that though there is tension he was able to accomplish the task he set out to do. However, one now has to be much more aware of their surroundings and use greater wisdom and caution when traveling in the city. As it is being reported in the news, where once neighborhoods were religiously and ethically mixed they are now becoming exclusively one or the other - Muslim or Christian. Therefore, the risk of harm and injury is very real if you wander into an opposing area unaware. Normally scheduled church services are continuing but the number of revivals, crusades and special meetings has greatly been reduced for fear of antagonizing an already tense situation. I was recently sent a Muslim saying on how they describe their Christian neighbors, "No matter how used you are to your chicken, it will not stop you from slaughtering it."

October/ November Budget
Medicines                $ 500
Van Fees                     300
In-Country Expense   3700

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah