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        July 2010

Good News
I have been informed by the brethren in Maiduguri that they have met with the new chief over the villages with favorable results. In fact, sometime early this month they are to go with him to the village where he will show them the land that he proposes to give us!! Praise God! It is exciting news for which we are extremely happy and thankful except for...

Pastor George
Pastor George is a man that I met for the first time in all of my years to the bush during this past outreach in February. He claims to have been the pastor of the villagers in Yauiri for 8 years, although none of them would acknowledge him as such. He intercepted us on the road to the village as we were on our way there to have Sunday service. He expressed displeasure with us for not getting permission with him first to have service with ‘his' congregation in ‘his' pulpit. When we arrived at the village, as I said, none of the villagers claimed him as their pastor but rather acknowledged that he had been helping them off and on in the fellowship. However, he had brought more confusion than peace and understanding to them which is one of the reasons that they had turned to us for support and encouragement.

To God Be The Glory
I answered his allegations at the time stating that we have been coming to the bush for 15 years and I had never heard of him. Secondly, we were invited by the fellowship in the village to come along side them for support and fellowship in addition to our clinic outreaches to the entire village. Thirdly, we did not need his permission to ask for land as it is for the clinic to benefit the whole village not just for a church for the fellowship. And finally, he claimed to have been persecuted so I asked him why he was arguing with us. Were we the ones who had persecuted him? Shouldn't we be working together to bring the gospel to the unsaved of the primitive bush? How can we tell others that Jesus is the answer when we fight among ourselves over who gets the preeminence and headlines? To God be the glory! We are nothing more than unprofitable servants, doing that which we have been called to do. Amen & Amen!!

All Is Well
Apparently, he was not moved by my arguments at least not positively. I am told that he has continued to cause confusion so that now there are 3 different factions/denominations in the bush who are refusing to have fellowship with each other!! Yet the message informing me of this development ended with this: "The doors for break through are beginning to open that is why the enemy is causing confusion within the brethren. Thus be encouraged, all is well." The Shunammite woman told the prophet, ‘It is well', even though she had left her lifeless son at home to come and find the man of God. She had faith that all things were possible with God no matter how impossible they seemed. So as you pray with us, Be Encouraged, All Is Well. The land is coming and fellowship will be restored.

Prayer Needed
Also as you pray, pray for continued peace among the various factions of religious and ethnic groups. The Internet is reporting that members of the group who caused rioting and bloodshed in Maiduguri and Bauchi last year at this time are promising to do it again at the 1 year anniversary. Pray that God will intervene using whatever means necessary and that peace and harmony will reign. Meanwhile, the news from Jos seems to be one of peace for the moment.

Fall Outreach
We welcome you to join me for the Fall Outreach in Oct/Nov through your prayers, participation and support.
Outreach Budget $4500

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah