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     February 2010

Two Questions
I am frequently asked two questions: 1) when is your next trip, and 2) why are you going back so soon? The answers are: 1) I will be leaving February 14th for Nigeria for almost 3 weeks of ministry, and 2) the weather primarily dictates our scheduling of trips in November and February. November is the end of the rainy season and dried out enough for us to travel to the bush on dry ground. While, February is the end of what is known as Hamatan. The Hamatan is where wind off the Sahara picks up fine particles of sand and darkens the sky making the temperatures cooler than normal. This is just before the hot season where temperatures can reach over 120F. Too hot!! Also, of course, the first week of March is the annual Jos P&M that I have been privileged to share in regularly since 1995.

Live the Life
As I mentioned last month, the theme for this year's P&M conference is 'Stepping into Kingdom Influence', as we look at how our lives and ministries can affect the areas where we have been called to minister. I was interested to hear a Nigerian minister say that if the Nigerian Christians would just live the life of Christ in their daily walk, the Muslims would come in. A lesson we would all do well to practice.

Leadership Training
Last month, too, you may remember that we began teaching / preaching for the first time out in the village. I hope to continue these teachings focusing on the village leadership as well as ministry to all the villagers. To do this, I want to bring the leaders back to Maiduguri for 2-3 days of small group teachings. I will conduct these at my hotel if a church cannot be found to host it. Again, your prayers are needed to ensure our direction and leading is of God.

New Outbreaks
On my last trip, we endeavored to begin a somewhat organized prayer watch for the time I was gone. I truly appreciate all of our partners who shared in this and let me know that they were holding me up in prayer daily while I was gone. This trip I will continue to need your prayer covering as there has been renewed violence between Muslims and Christians in Jos beginning January 17th. In the past, the violence was quickly controlled and peace and a sense of normalcy restored. At this point I have no check or unease in my spirit nor any other word from God but, "Go". I do not go with fear and trembling but with reverence, humbly seeking His guidance and wisdom to direct my steps.

Therefore, I covet your prayers for:
1) Travel safety to and from and while in-country,
2) Continued grace and favor and Progress on procuring the land for a clinic in one of the villages,
3) Conduction of the clinics themselves, that we will see miracles happen and that the people will know that it is Jehovah God that has ministered to them,
4) My time of ministry at the Jos P&M as well as other opportunities of ministry that the Lord may open to me.

February Budget Needs
Medicines $ 900
Expenses   6500

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah