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   November 2009

To Do ...
With ticket, Visa, and medicines in hand, I am ready, set, gone. By the time you receive this I will already be in Nigeria for more than two weeks of ministry. I was originally going to come home on November 9th, but Sarah and I felt that I needed to stay a little longer to accomplish all that we want to. First on the list is to get the chief of chiefs to give his approval for the donation of land in Yauiri. With that done, we need to, secondly, choose a plot of land from those that have been offered to us by the chief in Yauiri, and thirdly, begin to mark it off, clear it and begin placing a wall around it. At the same time, we will be conducting our regular clinics in the villages with the team leading in that as usual.

Leadership Classes
Lastly, I hope to begin Leadership Bible Training Classes for the Christian leaders of Yauiri. I have been trying for the past year and-a-half to get these brethren teaching in some basic Bible doctrines. Unfortunately, I have not been able to coordinate with any of our Nigerian brethren to get the villagers this training. Therefore, Sarah and I felt like we need to begin something for them, even if it is only a lesson or two. That is why I extended my stay an extra 4 days and will be coming home on the 13th instead of the 9th of November.

Prophetic Word
Thanks to all of you who have offered your support by committing to pray for us daily during this outreach. As you pray, pray that a word of prophecy that I received during a recent conference will be fulfilled. It is something that we have prayed for each outreach and that is that miracles will be manifested during the clinics to point the villagers unfailingly to Christ.

Budget Thanks
Our deepest appreciation to all who have responded to our financial need for this trip. There is now only $2200 outstanding to totally meet the budget. We are grateful.

Your Servants In Christ,
         Larry - Sarah