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   October 2009

Prayer Chain
A good friend recently suggested that I organize a prayer chain for the time I am in Nigeria on my next trip, October 25 - November 9, 2009. This sounds like an excellent idea at any time but especially in light of the trouble that has been occurring in Nigeria more and more frequently of late. A 24 hour prayer chain would be great, but any time that you would be willing to commit to pray would be welcomed and appreciated. To know that there is someone praying for me everyday while I am gone would be of tremendous comfort. If you would like to participate with this, please contact us with a time or day that you will be praying and I will put it in next month's letter before I depart.

Move Forward
I will need your prayers not only for travel mercies and safe keeping but also for favor and grace with the village leaders. We need to move this project off square one and get approval for the land so that we can begin to choose and develop it. I am excited and ready!! Also, there is the unfinished business of preparing some of the Christian village leaders with the Biblical tools to be anointed leaders of their villagers. Teaching that I will be discussing with our Nigerian brethren on how we can best accomplish this in a timely manner.

Van Fees
As you may recall, November is when we bought the van two years ago and it is the time when we must pay annual and semiannual fees and taxes. There are 5 or 6 decals (ie: taxes) for the vehicle that we are required to have, and which are constantly checked at security roadblocks. If we are not updated as we should be, it is quite a hassle. Thank you in advance for your help with these expenses that will keep us on the road.

Light in Darkness
We ask you to join us on this outreach by sharing with its expenses even if you cannot go in person. I have received offerings to date that will help with the costs of the candy plus some. We know, that those who stayed behind with the stuff received the same reward as those who went forward into battle. Help us as we continue to carry the battle to bring the Light to those who sit in darkness.

Fall Outreach Budget
Expenses   $4000
Van Fees       500
Medicine       600

Your Servants In Christ,
        Larry - Sarah