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    August 2009

 Sat Aug 1, 4:00 pm ET
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria A Nigerian military official said Saturday that about 700 people were killed in the northern city of Maiduguri during recent fighting between police and a radical Islamist sect. The toll was previously thought to be around 300.

In a wave of violence that began Sunday, July 26, in Bauchi and quickly spread to three other northern states, including Borno, the sect, Boko Haram the name means "Western education is sacrilege" attacked police stations, churches and government buildings. The group is seeking the imposition of strict Islamic Shariah law in Nigeria, a country of several religions.

Questioned by the police, a 35-year-old man, said that he and his family cowered in their house for days, terrorized by knife and sword-wielding sect members then later by soldiers, who, he said, would shoot anything that moved. "It was terrible,"he said as he drew an imaginary knife across his throat. "At first if you run, (the sect) will knife you, and then after you run, (soldiers) will shoot you." He said he hid 17 Christian neighbors, including a pregnant woman, in his house during the fighting.

Team Reports
Maiduguri is under siege!!

Is true, Maiduguri is bad and till now there is uncertainty. So far about 4 churches, 2 police stations, and new prison burned with a lot killed.

Situation still unstable. One of our pastors been captured today by the rebels; his whereabouts unknown still.

Our pastor has been released, Praise God!

In Bauchi an Yobe, it's Muslim killing Muslim. In Maiduguri they killed 3 pastors and 12 members.

It's some sect who say that Western education is sin. The uprising is even within the Muslims.

They said that the government is their problem, but their action is on police, churches and Christians.

Thanks for your prayers, in the midst of the disturbance at Maiduguri, God has kept us safe.

Prayers Needed / Answered
I heard from one of the team on Sunday, Aug. 2, who stated that all was peaceful and back to normal again. However, continue to pray for the safety and well being of the saints there.

Fall Outreach?
So, what of the Oct/Nov outreach? As of this writing, I have no other leading than to continue to move forward with plans for the Fall Outreach, Oct. 25, - Nov. 9.

November Budget
$4000 - Expense
      600 - Medicine
                  250 - Vaseline / Candy

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah