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    July 2009

Hearing God's Voice
The scriptures speak to us of hearing a still small voice behind our ear telling us the way we are to go. God speaks to us in many ways, in dreams and visions,        through the reading of His word, through preaching, even audibly, and through that still small voice of the spirit that speaks to our hearts. This is what happened to my driver, Br Julius, a few weeks before this last outreach. He recounted to me how God woke him about 4am one morning when it was raining and there were no lights and told him to go outside. He immediately obeyed not doubting or asking questions or reasoning that it was dark and raining - he just obeyed! Less than a minute after he walked outside, the roof of his one room house collapsed straight down into his room! His immediate obedience came from intimately knowing God and recognizing His voice because of time spent "shut in with God in a secret place", thus saving him from possibly being seriously injured. Do we spend time alone with God, getting to know him intimately so that when He speaks to our hearts we have no hesitation but hasten to obey?

The reports from Yauiri continue to be frustrating. What I am being told now is that the District Chief is refusing the project and for some reason the team members have not been able to get together to meet with him. But as one of the team wrote in a text to us that encouraged our hearts, "We will continue to ask, seek, and knock for the land at Yauiri until we succeed."

Fast & Pray
And so we shall!! Continue to Fast & Pray and seek His face for guidance and direction. For in God's perfect time, His Will, will be done. We thank those of you who have joined with us on the Third Monday of every month to Fast & Pray for the work in Nigeria and invite others to "Catch the Vision, Share the Burden" with us for the Kanuri of NE Nigeria.

Returning Soon
The next outreach is just around the corner. Since it seems that the situation is not right for me to go back any earlier to deal with the land, I am tentatively scheduled to return the 25th of October thru the 9th of November. I again will be planning to spend as much time as possible to meet with whomever I need too concerning the land acquisition. Of course, we will also go prepared to conduct our usual clinics. One thing that we will not be doing for a while in the clinics is to hand out slippers. Candy, soap, lotion - Yes; slippers - No! The chaos and entitlement mentality that has demonstrated itself during the distribution of slippers has even made our Nigerian team members as well as the Chief of Bazamri say, "No More Slippers!"

November Budget

$4000 - Expense
    600 - Medicine
    250 - Vaseline / Candy
Thank you for your help and support that enables us to go.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah

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