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      June 2009

Update On Lauren

I wrote in March about Lauren suffering what the doctors had diagnosed as Juvenile Epilepsy. The prognosis we were given was that she would have to be on medication for at least 2 years and then be reassessed. However, she began having more symptoms this past month so they put her in the hospital to run several days of constant monitoring. At the end of the tests their report to us was - she DID NOT HAVE Epilepsy! Praise God! HE did it before and He has done it again! Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns in holding her up. God answers prayer!

Motor Bikes - Paid

I had mentioned in a previous letter that we wanted to give motorbikes to the chiefs of the three villages: Yauiri, Bazamri, and Konduga. This was to show our appreciation for their help with the procurement of the land and in compliance with their cultural practices. I am excited to report that when I made this need known at a recent Missions Conference all the money was given! Thank God for His favor in meeting this need.

Watch and Report

When we arrived at the village of Yauiri in February, we found some new improvements in place. They now have a new bore hole just outside the village complete with generator and water tank. It has been in operation since November helping them to have cleaner water. We will watch and report on how long and how well the villagers maintain this machinery.

Next Trip

I am still uncertain as to the timing of my next trip. The news from Nigeria concerning the land continues to be one of delay and waiting. Thus, I have not been able to get a good idea if my presence there would help or hinder the process. Please put this on your prayer list so that I may know what and when I am to take the next step. If nothing else, I am planning to return in November for our usual Fall Outreach. We welcome anyone who would care to join me to contact us for the necessary information.

Tax Man

One of the facts of life in Nigeria is road blocks and tax checks. During this recent trip, I had asked my driver to be sure that he had all of the necessary decals, permits, licenses and taxes needed for the van paid in full. This he had done prior to my arrival and we had no problems with any of the roadside tax checks until the last day. As we were traveling back to the airport, we were stopped and advised we needed to pay for another permit. I was ready to pay just to save the hassle but my driver said, No! For one thing, he recognized one of the men as one who had stopped and made us pay on my last trip. Secondly, he had been told by the official that he had dealt with regarding the van's taxes that he had everything he needed and if there were any questions on the highway to just call him. So, off he went with the tax collectors to meet and pray with them. Literally! After speaking with them for a time he ended up praying with them (they were all Muslim) and promised to bring them Bibles. They waved us on and we finished our trip without any further incidents.

Preaching / Teaching

Our February trip is always planned to coincide with the annual P&M conference in Jos; a venue that we have been privileged to share in 13 of the last 15 years. This was the 21st year for this conference and though the attendance was down from previous years, due primarily to the recent violence, there was a sweet spirit of unity and cooperation among all of those teaching. In addition, I was privileged to be invited into five other pulpits during my 3 week journey. We would be honored to come and share with you and your congregation the work that we are doing and our vision and passion for missions. We thank all of you our faithful partners who made this trip possible with your selfless giving, prayers and support.

Your Servants In Christ,

        Larry - Sarah

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