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May 2009

Long Haul
The Christian villagers at Yauiri were glad to see us return. However, the leader stated that because we had not come in November, many of them thought that we were not going through with the project as we had promised. How true it is that Our Word is Our Honor. For the scriptures admonish us, that if we open our mouths unto the Lord, we must do that which we have said. I have recounted before how we were told early in this ministry by the leaders of one village that we were the only missionaries that had come back when we said we would! What an indictment against the body of Christ!! We must not get caught up in the emotion of the moment, but walk as we are led by the Holy Ghost. We are here for the long haul. Others may become discouraged because they do not see results and growth quick enough to suit their American microwave mentality. However, God did not give us a time table, just a Vision, with a Plan to fulfill it, and Goals to accomplish the Plan. I believe that the results of our steadfastness in ministering regularly and faithfully these past 13 years is evident in the relationships that have been built with the villagers and their leaders. That is why we have Muslim Chiefs today saying they will argue our case for us because they want for their villages what we are offering! Praise God!!

Pray Without Ceasing
The last word out of Nigeria, from the team there, is that the chiefs are still planning to have meetings with the politicians. However, as of this writing that has not happened. So again we urge you to continue with us and "pray without ceasing" for God's will to be done and approval to be given by the politicians for the project to go forward. We were told by the chief in Bazamri that once we are have this approval, he would give us a written document transferring ownership of the land to us. This would make it legal and binding and much more difficult for someone on a whim to just take it back. Therefore, we have started a monthly day of fasting and prayer with our Nigerian team members as a way of staying connected and focused on our vision. We welcome you to join us every third Monday of the
month as we pray and fast together with our Nigerian brethren for the work that God has called us together for.

Normal Tension
As you may remember from previous letters, there were riots in Jos last year at Thanksgiving. The Muslims went on an organized, orchestrated campaign of killing and burning of Christians and their homes and businesses and properties. The results of this destruction were still much in evidence as we drove through parts of the city where most of the rioting took place. The burned out shells of Christian's homes, churches, businesses and vehicles was visibly apparent. Upon arriving in Jos, I was told by the brethren that the mood there was one of "normal tension." This "normal tension" escalated out of control in the city of Bauchi the day after I left there after preaching during my first week in-country.

Bauchi Deliverance
Bauchi is the Capital of Bauchi State just 70 miles east of Jos. In fact, during the Jos riots of November, several hundred Muslim youths from Bauchi were arrested in Jos for contributing to the violence. Again in February, churches and Christian's homes were targeted with several killed in 2 days of rioting by Muslim youths. It all started over Muslims from a Mosque using the parking lot of a neighboring church for their prayers. However, one of the Praise Reports that came out of this violence was the story of a Christian and Muslim neighborhood where the two sides united against the mob on the street. They defended their neighborhood together turning away the rioters bent on destroying the homes of the Christians!! I returned to Bauchi two weeks after these riots to minister and found the city back to a state of "normal tension." Once again, however, the burned out shells of homes and churches were evidence of the chaos and destruction that had taken place. Truly, Nigeria needs our prayers to hold up the Christians there and to tear down the strongholds of Satan "that seeks not but to steal, kill and destroy."

Your Servants In Christ,
          Larry - Sarah

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