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March 2009

Seeking Land
As you read this, I will already be in Nigeria beginning over three weeks of ministry in the bush and pulpit. Please continue to hold me up in prayer from the 15th of February to my return on the 10th of March. Pray for my safety in travel not only to and from Nigeria but also while in country. The news from Jos is one of peace after the riots of this past November. We are believing for my peace and safety as I travel throughout the country from Abuja to Jos and Maiduguri and back. And of course, out and back to the villages each day conducting clinics. Secondly, continue to pray for grace and favor to be granted as I seek to obtain permission for the clinic in Yauiri from the head chief. Then pray that the right land will be made available at the right price. Donation is what we are believing for. Lastly, continue to believe with us for a solid partnership with the Yauiri Christians with them taking on the responsibility of maintaining the land and facilities that will be built.

One of the customs of the Kanuri culture is to give gifts to the leaders of the villages when they have granted you your request. I had spoken with our Nigerian team last year about what might be appropriate other than money. We want to give them something tangible and useful that their villagers will also see and appreciate. The consensus was on motorbikes. They are prevalent throughout Nigeria and provide freedom and mobility from the public taxis which are like cattle cars for the way they jam people in. The cost is $2000 a piece and we will need to purchase 3 of them. One each for the chiefs of Yauiri, Bazamuri, and then the head chief in Konduga. Please put this on your prayer list and I will have a more specific update about it when I return next month. Also, let me take this time to thank all of you who have contributed to the expense of this trip. There remains just $1500 of outstanding need to be fulfilled.

Some family news
We are now a family of 3 teenagers as Kristen joined her 15 year old brother and sister by turning 13 on Jan 30th. We still home school them with Robert and Lauren high school freshmen while Kristen is in 7th grade. They are active in the youth at church as well as each one helps in the nursery one week a month and volunteering in children's church. As well, they continue, each in their own style, to bring joy to our ears as they practice their piano.

Miracle In Progress
When God spoke to us about not taking the family to Nigeria on this trip, we felt that it had to do primarily with the violence of last year in Jos. However, recent events with Lauren have led us to understand more fully why the entire family is not going this year. In mid-January she suffered a gran mal seizure, the second one in a year. She has continued to have small seizures and is undergoing testing to try and determine a cause. Meanwhile, she has started a regimen of medication to prevent her from having another major seizure. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." Four years ago Lauren was having an irregular heart beat that was causing her problems. She went on medication for a year until God spoke to Sarah in March of 06 while in the conference at Jos saying, "I have healed Lauren." We stopped her medication at that time and upon our return home the doctor checked her and diagnosed that she had a NORMAL heart and had no need of further medicine! He did it before; He will do it again!! God has already spoken to my heart a word of praise for her healing. As of this writing all tests are negative! Why then does she continue to suffer? Sarah answered that so succinctly and I believe prophetically when asked the same thing by Lauren, "Because God has something for her to do that the devil is trying to stop and discourage her from accomplishing." So again, we ask you to join with us in prayer and thanksgiving as we see the miraculous hand of God move sovereignly in Lauren's life.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah