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February 2009

Excited and Ready
Well, my ticket is purchased, drugs are ordered, the Visa is in the works, people have been contacted and are expecting my arrival and I am excited and ready to go. I will be leaving February 15th to Nigeria for just over 3 weeks of ministry including our usual clinics as well as several conferences and speaking engagements. But most of all, I will be continuing the pursuit of obtaining permission for land and the building of a clinic in the village of Yauiri. I have had no news from Nigeria regarding any new developments about this so I am expecting that there will be meetings with the main tribal chief for the area when I get there. Please keep me in your prayers as I go about this endeavor that God will give us favor and grace and prosper our way with this gentleman. I have had dealings with him before and in fact, he is the same man who rescinded the land given to us in Yale several years ago with the excuse that it was for the expansion of the school. Well, the dilapidated school building is still falling in on itself and the land where it was "expanding" is now part of the new and expanded hospital built with the help of the World Health Organization as I understand it. But that is ok, for even at the time he was taking it back I felt peace that it was all part of God's perfect plan. Now, there is an excitement and expectation of fulfillment that we have not had before regarding the partnership with the Christians at Yauiri. I need your prayers!!

Faithful Partners
I also need your help. My ticket is more expensive then in the past as any of you know who have traveled recently. As well, I am again obtaining drugs here to carry to Nigeria since the villagers do not like the medicines from their country. "They don't work," they told us. So there is still an outstanding need of $2500 for this outreach. As always, your faithful giving and support blesses us to continue to fulfill the work that God has called us to.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah

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