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    September 2008

Making Plans

The recent news from Nigeria is that the rains have been so heavy that moving to the bush has been all but impossible. However, thanks to the modern technology of cell phones, Rev. Sunday has been in touch with the villagers in Yauiri and all is still positive for the project to proceed. Therefore, I am making plans to return to Nigeria from October 23rd - November 10th to begin the process of formalizing ownership of the land that we are to be given. We covet your prayers regarding this outreach that God will go before to give us favor in the selection of the land given, favor with the bureaucratic paperwork securing ownership, and continued favor with the villagers and chiefs to allow this open door for the light of the Gospel to shine in this darkened land.


Recently, our home church, Hope & Life Fellowship, has become affiliated with a Pastor Secku from Ghana who has 3 churches in and around Accra, the nation's capital. While he was in the States studying, Pastor Secku attended Hope & Life and joined hands with our pastor and congregation to become a sister church in his home country. I have been invited and am making plans, to visit with Pastor Secku on this trip for 3 days to share in fellowship with his congregations and to the view the work that they are doing. I am excited about this opportunity to share our passion for missions and the gospel with new congregations in a new land. And to encourage them in their work of reaching out to their communities with the practical gospel.


When Jesus separated the sheep from the goats in (Matt 25:31), His reward to the sheep of inheriting the kingdom of His Father was not for the great sermons they had preached or the beautiful songs they had sung or the number of times they had witnessed and testified. Rather, it was due to their ability to not only see the needs of others but their willingness to meet those needs themselves. They did not wait for or hope that someone else would be burdened, they just ministered with what was needed - clothes, shelter, food, drink, etc,. I have had people tell us they could not do what we do in taking the Gospel via medicine to such a primitive part of the world as Nigeria. That is OK - not everyone is supposed to do what we are doing. But, we are all to be doing SOMETHING to further God's Kingdom! What needs do you see in YOUR community? You do not have to go across the oceans or around the world to find people who are hurting and lost without God. God did not call only one to do everything, He called everyone to do something! I believe that we can and must spread the Gospel not just through the spoken Word, but also by Works of Faith. That is why we continue to strife to fulfill the call of God on our lives to take the Gospel where others have not gone to reach those that sit in darkness with the glorious light of God's love. Be it medicine, food, clothing, water - whatever means afforded to us, we will use.

Faithful Partners

It is through the faithfulness, believe and trust of you our partners that we are able to keep on doing our something. Our thanks to those who responded to the call last month regarding the taxes on the van that will be due this November, one year since its purchase. Will you prayerfully consider helping with the expenses of this upcoming mission so that we can continue the work that God has called us to? We appreciate and thank you so much, God Bless,

Oct. Expenses $ 4000
Van Taxes            300

Your Servants In Christ,
                        Larry - Sarah