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       July 2008

Approved! Yes! Yes! Yes! & YES!!

My trip last month to Nigeria was, as you know, to establish a partnership with the Christian villagers at Yauiri and begin the process of procuring land in the village on which to build a clinic/church. Rev. Sunday, Sam, Julius and I met with 3 of the elders from the church to present our plan and ask for their input. Their reply was a resounding, Yes! Yes, they would gladly help to provide the labor for whatever we were to build and, Yes, they would take our request for land to their chiefs: the chief of Yauiri, his chief in Bazamri (where we have also been working for 13 years), and their chief in Konduga who is over the entire region. We went back to the village in a few days to learn what they had been told and heard another resounding, Yes, Yes!! Both the chief of their village and the chief of Bazamri said, Yes, that we could build and they would GIVE us the land to build on!! The last hurdle was the district chief in Konduga and we spoke with the chief from Bazamri who told us that he would go to talk with him personally. Unfortunately, I had to return home before that happened. When I contacted Rev. Sunday upon my return he told me that the chief at Konduga also gave his approval for us to build and of giving us land on which to do it!! But, he wanted to meet with Rev. Sunday and some of the team before his final OK. This has yet to happen but we are believing for favor and a good report.

October Plans

With this info in hand, I am now planning my trip for October/November. The goal of this journey will be to scope out land to be given to us in the village and then start the bureaucratic process of taking legal ownership. We have asked for 15 Hectares which is approximately 30 Acres. Our vision is not just for a church/clinic, but a hospital and school and whatever else the Lord will inspire. Is it a big vision? Yes! Because we serve a BIG God!!

Pulpit Ministry

In addition to this new phase of outreach in the villages that we find ourselves in, God has also begun to expand our pulpit ministry in Nigeria at this time also. We were privileged to meet two new pastors and be invited to share in their pulpits during our 12 days in June. One, Pastor Jubril, had been trying to have me at his church since last year but our schedules did not fit until this trip. I spoke at his church on Friday night and Sunday morning and the Lord was faithful to us and ministered mightily to His people. Pastor Jubril is already planning a 3 day weekend meeting during my October trip. All he is waiting on is for me to give him the dates of my coming.

God's Design

The second pastor, Pastor Mopgung, I met by God's design as I stopped in Bauchi to meet with my friend Rev. Kefas regarding a Pastor's & Minister's Conference that we are planning for next March after the conference in Jos. Pastor Mopgung was there at Br Kefas's office and we got into some spirited Biblical discussions at the end of which he invited me to speak at his mid-week service that night. Due to a mix-up in directions and phone service we did not arrive until 7:15 when the service started at 6pm, yet he was gracious and allowed me to share his pulpit. Again, (as always!!), God was faithful and ministered to His people in a special Life Changing not just Soul Stirring way. We now have an open invitation from Pastor Mopgung, to share in his church whenever we are around and he too, is asking for my next itinerary so that he can begin planning a meeting with his church for us.

God's Anointing

Also, some old friends that we have been honored to share with consistently over the years are asking for our schedules so that they can have us in their churches for extended meetings. We thank God for these opportunities, for we know it is not our ability but His anointing that has opened these doors at this time. Lastly, we have been asked by a Pastor friend who has begun a Bible School in his church to help him; 1) teach at the school when we are in town and 2) help him find an accredited curriculum to teach. It is especially important in Nigeria to have accredited credentials as a minister when dealing with the government and bureaucrats who are all to often Muslim. Proper credentials can open doors and bring favor in a country whose culture is built on titles and positions.

Sarah and the Children

God has not only been promoting my pulpit ministry, but Sarah and the children as well. Sarah has been asked to teach a Women's Conference in Bauchi next March in conjunction with the P&M Conference and the children have been invited to share at a Youth Service in Kaduna. We stand in awe at God's favor on our lives and ask for your prayers to walk softly before Him for to Him belongs all Glory and Honor, AMEN!!

Outstanding Needs
Feb. & Jun. Expenses $5000

Tentative Trip Schedules
October 26 - November 17, 2008
February 15 - March 10, 2009
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Thank you for your faithful, loving support,
Your Servants in Christ,

                         Larry - Sarah