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June 2008

American Medicine!

Our recent trip to Nigeria taught us new things even though we have been conducting these outreaches for 13 years now. Over the past couple years we have been attempting to buy more of the medicines that we use in-country instead of having to ship them over in our luggage. This in hopes of saving on excess luggage charges that at times have been more than the medicine itself and getting meds more specific to the diseases we see there. However, all that changed when at several of the villages the patients rejected what we were trying to give them because they recognized their own medicine and told us "that doesn't work, we want the drugs from America, they work." We are a blessed nation!

Help -v- Handout

As you may recall from past reports, one of the ways that we know when to stop our clinics is when the villagers begin coming through the line 2-3 times just to get the slippers and candy or whatever else we are giving away besides the medicine. At one of the villages where we ministered, we had no slippers with us because of the chaos that handing them out had caused the last time we were there. I felt really bad when one of the ladies came up to Sarah and told her (through an interpreter) that she was hoping we had slippers because they helped her so much the last time in the field. But then we saw a large group get out of the registration line when they heard that we had no slippers! Sometimes it is difficult to minister to those who really have needs while at the same time trying not to be taken advantage of by those just looking for handouts.

Ten Faithful Years

In the Spring of 1998, we conducted our first immunization campaign. Up to that time we had conducted our clinics with just myself, Dr Edd Thomas, and 2 Nigerian brethren. However, we knew that we would need more people if we were to do immunizations, so Rev. Sunday put out the call to nurses he knew in Maiduguri. God brought together a team of nurses and lay people then who have faithfully worked alongside of us now for 10 years. Out of that original group of 8, 3 are still with us regularly and others have been added, including wives, so that we now have 11-13 regular team members on each outreach. Our obedience to God's call on our lives has inspired and motivated others to action for God. Not only in helping us, but many of the team have joined outreaches from their churches to primitive villages to spread the Gospel.

Obedience Not Convenience

I spoke at the University of Maiduguri Chapel service one Sunday in February. I told them that when we first began these outreaches we had to make a decision of whether to work in the towns on the main road such as Konduga and Kawiri where we would have reached thousands of people easily or go to the bush which was less convenient. I told them that I obeyed God's call to go to the bush, Obedience not Convenience. This so touched people that we received calls all the next week from doctors and professors as well as students and others telling us that they had wanted to do something like what we are doing but had not had the courage or faith. Now, however, they were determined to be Obedient to the call of God on their lives and take the Gospel to the villages as God had been leading them to do. Praise Him! Others are watching us and being inspired by our example. What is yours -Positive or Negative?


Let me take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all of our dear partners who helped us in purchasing the van last year. In February, we really put it to the test and it was wonderful in spite of not being air conditioned. It afforded us adequate transportation for all of us and our luggage to and from the airport and on our journeys across the country. And of course, when going to the bush it was able to carry all the team and our supplies. Our first trip to the bush on Sunday to meet with the Christians in Yauiri, we had 19 people on board. Is it crowded? Yes. Are the seats cramped? Yes. But it is ours and we do not have to wait on or pay for others time and equipment. So again, I say, Thank You, for all who made this acquisition possible.

Prayer Needed

As you read this, I will be in Nigeria, June 1-13, working on establishing a partnership with the Christians at Yauiri for further development in that village. I covet your prayers to cover me and give me God's grace and favor in this endeavor.

Outstanding Needs
February Expenses $3400
June Expenses          2700

Your Servants In Christ,
                         Larry - Sarah