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May 2008

Consensus: Procure Land - Build

"Start putting structures for the clinic"
"Help in stages"
"Go ahead, start with clinic; be ready to make foundation for church"
"I think it's good to build the clinic"
"Raise a structure there to establish a clinic"
"Discipleship, adult education if site been given where structure can be established"
"Discuss with villagers to know how/where to get land; the village chief will have to give his approval"
"Come over for them to take you around to the place that has need of you"
"We will follow up with state and local government"

Return Agenda

These are excerpts from the responses that I received from our Nigerian partners regarding my question to them of what can we do to make a lasting impact in Yauiri with our Christian brethren there. Sarah and I feel a witness with these answers and therefore I am making plans to return to Nigeria June 1- 15.

The purpose of this trip will be to:
1) meet with the team members and others to get their input on needs/priorities
2) meet with village leaders for their needs/priorities
3) agree on partnership / ownership - contract on responsibilities
4) decide on project(s)
5) determine price / materials needed
6) determine necessary government requirements
7) decide on completion date

Partnering in Ownership

Again, this plan is based on my perception of the needs and of course will be subject to change as I receive input from our Nigerian brethren. We do feel strongly, however, regarding the idea of partnering together with the villagers and our team. By this, we hope to create in them a sense of ownership and responsibility in the care and upkeep of any facility -vs- them waiting and depending on us for maintenance and supplies. Will it work, I think so, for even our Nigerian friends have stated the old adage:
"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, feed him for life"

India Postponed

As I stated in previous letters, I have been invited to India at the end of May to participate in pastors' conferences and explore the possibility of conducting medical clinics there. However, with so much opening before us right now in Nigeria, the Lord impressed me to focus our resources and energies there. So, though I would very much like to take the trip it will have to wait for another time as the Lord leads. We have been blessed by your continued faithful support and our outstanding needs are reducing thanks to your sacrificial giving. May the Lord continue to bless and prosper you.

Feb. 08 Expense $ 4850
June 08 Budget 2700

Kids' Reports - Continued

When we go to Nigeria, I am always excited see the team. I am even more excited when we go out to the bush and the people just light up with joy when I hand out the Vaseline and candy. Robert helped with registration, Lauren and Momma helped count pills, Daddy took lots of pictures and videos and told the people where to go. The drive back to Jos was the hottest that it has ever been when we were there. At the conference in Jos, I enjoyed listening to Daddy, Mr. David, Mr. Bill and Mrs. Elaine Kaelor. Brother Matthew and Rev Kola are from Nigeria so it was hard for me to understand them. As much as I love Nigeria, I am always happy to come home. - Kristen

We left for Nigeria February 17th and arrived home March 11th. I love the people and am always happy to meet new people and see new faces. While in the bush, I helped count the medicine into small bags while Robert helped with registration and Kristen passed out candy. With each new village we went to we gave the children a soccer ball, which you could see made them very happy and thankful. This year at the Jos conference there were two new people Mr. Bill and Mrs. Elaine Koehler. Mr. Bill is absolutely hilarious and Mrs. Elaine is really nice. Other than my dad and the Koehlers, David Smoot, Rev. Kola and Rev. Matthew spoke at the conference. All of the speakers were very good but I did not understand that much of what Rev. Kola and Rev. Matthew said. They are from Nigeria and difficult to understand. - Lauren

It had been a couple of years since we had been in Nigeria and I had forgotten a lot of things. One of the major things I had forgotten was the blast of heat that hits you as you step off the nice, air conditioned plane into the hot Nigerian airport in Abuja the country's capital. Jos is one of my favorite cities because it is located on a plateau so it is cooler than most cities. When we go to Jos we stay at Lt. General Joshua and Mrs. Esther Dogonyaro's house. Their house is like our home way from home. - Robert

Your Servants In Christ,
                         Larry - Sarah