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January 2008

Reflect – Resolve

Happy New Year! ‘Tis the season when we reflect on last year's accomplishments / disappointments and resolve to do more and better in the coming new year. I too, would like to reflect on a wonderful 2007 as a springboard for a great 2008.

Expanding Outreaches

2007 saw our outreaches to the bush in Nigeria expanding from the same 2-3 villages that we had been ministering in since 1996 to several new villages. These villages are along the road to Yale and have known about us by our coming and going there these past 12 years. Many of these villagers have also known of our work first hand by coming to Yale to be a part of the clinics there. We were heartily welcomed and greatly appreciated for stopping to consider them and minister to their needs. From what I have been told in the past, there are 30-50 villages surrounding Yale with perhaps as many as 10,000 villagers in them all in need of the Savior. Taking the gospel to each of them one village at a time will take time but it will only take one villager on fire with the gospel to turn the whole area upside down for God. Remember the Samaritan woman!

Gospel Proclamation

And the gospel IS BEING proclaimed in one village by as many as 200 believers as we came to find out this year. In the village of Yauiri, they have been holding church with the blessing of the village chief for 2 years now. Many of these believers come from Konduga and Maiduguri during the growing season to work their farms and then live in town the rest of the year. We have been invited to join them in fellowship to help encourage and strengthen their faith in the Lord. What an exciting opportunity we have been given to spread God's Word by being a catalyst for others to carry the light of the Word to the darkness of this world.

Four Year Project

And lastly, this year found us accomplishing the project that we began in 2004. The purchase of the van for our transportation needs. Thanks to the faithful support of you, our partners, we were able to buy a 1995 Toyota, 4-wheel drive, long-bed van. It did not look too appealing the very first time that I saw it, but after sanding, painting and custom seats it was completely transformed and looked nothing like what I first saw. It proved its worth immediately as we used it to go out to the bush with yours truly driving:) This saved us having to rent a vehicle and pay a driver. Then too, it saved me time and money in getting around the country and freedom to come and go at my convenience when in town. Again, our sincere thanks to all of you who made this purchase possible. It will be a blessing to us for a long, long time.

February Mission

We are looking forward as a family to be back in Nigeria February 18 - March 10. This will be the first time in 2 years that Sarah and the kids have joined me. We will not only be conducting our clinics in the bush, but will also be sharing in the annual P&M Conference in Jos with our friend Rev. Maiwa'azi Dandaura. In addition, there are 2 other weekend meetings that God has opened up for me to minister in. One in Maiduguri and the other Bauchi, before and after the conference. We are also very excited about being in fellowship with the saints at Yauiri our first weekend in-country as we continue to explore how God would have us share the faith with the Kanuri of NE Nigeria. You are invited to join us on this exciting trip. Just return the enclosed Prayer Request by January 15th so that we can send you the information needed to join us. Our budget for this outreach is $13,000 of which we have been blessed to receive $4380 already. Thanks to all of you who have so generously given for it is with your help that this need will be met.

Family News

As you know, over the years we like to take a moment in January and update you on our family. Robert and Lauren will celebrate their 14th birthday on the 10th while little sister, Kristen will turn 12 on the 30th. Where does the time go? We continue to home school the children. Robert and Lauren are in the 8th grade and Kristen is in the 7th. They continue to take piano and are active in their various youth groups at church as well as being seasoned missionaries. In between these two momentous occasions, Sarah and I will celebrate 30 years of forever together on the 21st. Thanks to all of you who faithfully remember us with your cards and in your prayers.

Your Servants In Christ,
                        Larry - Sarah