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October 2007


My tickets are purchased, the Visa is in progress and our excitement is building as I prepare for my trip to Nigeria, October 28th – November 18th. Sarah and I are getting more and more excited about the purpose of this trip to explore the INVITATION that we have received to "come and build a church" in the remote village of Yauiri. God quickened to me recently as I shared in a Missions Conference that we have been ‘invited' to come. We are not ‘imposing' ourselves upon the people. They have seen, for 12 years, our faithfulness and willingness to come and serve them with medicines, sandals, soap and lotion. We have freely given, asking nothing in return and they have been touched by our witness in deed. Now, God is opening the door to allow us to touch them with His word, "which will not return void, but will accomplish that whereunto it is sent." We are excited with a fearful, reverential excitement for we know that we must proceed with wisdom lest we allow zeal to undo all that has been built in these last 12 years. Our hearts have been encouraged over the past several weeks as we have shared in churches regarding this mission and have received loving words of support and prophetic vision. We covet your prayers that we will walk softly before the Lord with wisdom and understanding and compassion that these villagers will see Christ through us.

Addition Met

The purchase of a van is of course also on the agenda for this outreach. I am very cautious about this purchase having: 1) never purchased anything of this magnitude in a foreign country before and, 2) we must be good stewards of the resources that God has blessed us with through the faithful and sacrificial giving of you our partners. Thank you for your patience with us as we have explored all the possibilities presented to us on how to obtain a vehicle and have settled on buying it in country. Again, we need your prayers as we are believing for God's favor to direct us to the right van with the right equipment at the right price. And, that we will have favor with the customs and all other officials with who we will need to obtain all the proper documentation, insurance and licensing. Once we have purchased the van it will need to be modified for Nigerian travel so that we can accommodate 12-15 passengers as well as a sturdy luggage rack on top. Our sincere thanks to Speake Christian Fellowship of Speake, Al., and Wings of Faith Fellowship in Ocala, Fl., for their giving to cover this added expense.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah

Outstanding Needs
Nov. '07 Outreach $ 1,350
Feb. '08 Outreach 12,000

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