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August 2007

New Van

I am preparing for a trip back to Nigeria at the end of October through mid November with plans to accomplish two things. First of all I want to purchase the van that so many of you have selflessly given towards so that we might have reliable transportation to and from the bush as well as getting around in-country without relying as we currently do on public taxis. Public transport has become increasingly more difficult as the tensions between Muslims and Christians have grown and especially as the majority of the drivers are Muslim. In addition, of course, when Sarah and the kids come with all of our luggage and supplies, a minibus is the most practical means of transportation. Though we have been blessed by many churches and friends in nigeria who have loaned us the use of their vehicles (for a price) even these vehicles are showing their wear and tear. Nigeria is a hard country on vehicles with the many rough and poorly paved roads and the intense, continuous heat. I would dare say that 5 years is good for the life of a vehicle before it begins to require constant repair and upkeep. Something that is all too often lacking. To buy the van I will be going down to Lagos and to the port where vehicles are brought in on cargo ships and purchase one off the ship. Then it will need to be customized for use in Nigeria. This means adding TWO more rows of seats and putting a heavy duty luggage rack on top. Most Nigerian mini buses have 4 rows of seats capable of seating 16 in the same area as our mini vans!! Slide-Over-Some:)

Yauiri Church

Secondly and most importantly I plan to make a trip to Maiduguri and meet with the team to get their ideas of how to best go about answering the call from Yauiri to "Come start a church." Then I am hopeful that we will be able to go to Yauiri and meet the elders or individual(s) that have made this request. It may be that we will only meet with one man or one family at this time to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus spoke to one woman who's testimony turned an entire village to the Lord. It only takes one! We are excited about this new door that the Lord has opened for us. Excited yet cautious knowing that we must proceed with wisdom being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost so that our words and actions do not hinder but promote and lead to the gospel.

Pray for Wisdom & Favor

We need your help for this mission. First and foremost we covet your prayers that God will give us the wisdom, plan and direction to step through this open door to bring the gospel in word not just deed to this village. That those who sit in darkness may see the light and be translated by the renewing of their hearts and minds through Christ Jesus our Lord. Secondly, we ask you to join with us for God's favor on finding the right van at the right price and getting the necessary refinements done timely and at a reasonable cost.

Needed Expenses

Lastly, we need your help with this trip's expenses of $4000. You have been so extremely faithful in your support of this work and we continue to pledge to be faithful stewards of the resources that you have bestowed upon us. I would also like to ask you to be in prayer and consideration regarding our February, 2008 outreach which will include the whole family. The expenses for that trip will be $13,000. Our prayer is to have this need met before we leave. Thank you for all you do to enable us to Carry the Gospel through Medicine to the Kanuri of NE Nigeria
Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah