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    May 2007



Is it just me or are politicians the same everywhere? Nigeria held elections in April for governors, "congressmen" and president. The elections, by the way, went peacefully and the new president seems to be someone whom everyone, (Muslim and Christian) can work with. During our clinics in the bush the presence of the campaigns was readily evident. In every village, there were small makeshift huts flying the flags of their particular party. When they want something, the politicians are not too busy to venture out into the bush or send representatives to try and persuade the people to their thinking.

Building Relationships

We must be careful not to be guilty of the same in our ministering to a lost and dying world. We do not just care for them when we want something in return. We must love them unconditionally, even if it seems that they are just wanting to see what they can get from us. Some dear friends called to encourage us after reading last month's news regarding the elders of Yauiri asking us to come start a church for them. Their comment to me was that in their experience the one true lasting way to reach Muslims was to build relationships. This is what we have been doing since 1996 when we started these medical outreaches to the Kanuri. Building relationships. Sometimes, we have been frustrated by what we perceive as their entitlement mentality demanding slippers, candy and whatnot, but regardless, we have been getting through to them that we really do care. Not to receive, but to give. Continue to pray for us as we seek God's direction as to how best to go through this open door that He has provided.

New Water

When we came to the village of Bazamari in February, we noticed right away that something new was there. It was a bore hole that had been drilled though not yet connected to a pump and running. How often I have taken pictures of the ladies at the well in this village drawing water by hand to provide for their household needs. Now perhaps, the task will be easier and the water cleaner as they get their water from the bore hole.


Maintaining Relationships

As I shared with you recently, providing clean potable water would be a major blessing to the villagers in every village where we go. I have found that the average cost is $3000- $4000 per well but we must have cooperation from the villagers regarding the maintenance and operation. I am interested to see how quickly the villagers of Bazamari get a pump and how long they maintain it. Having the right equipment is only half the battle. Knowing how to use it and keeping it up will tell whether they enjoy better water from now on or whether they go back to the old ways full of germs and sickness? We have to maintain our relationship with God on a daily basis, also. Being saved is the greatest gift that can happen to us but we have to guard that gift daily - denying ourselves, taking up our cross and following Him. Otherwise, we may find ourselves drawing dirty, harmful water the old way because we neglected His guidance

A New Van!

I am planning to return to Nigeria in August or September to purchase the van that so many of you have sacrificially given to. I am told that buying it from the docks in-country means that I will pay more than if I buy it in Europe and that the selection will not be as vast. However, if I buy the van in Europe, then I will pay for the shipping and entry fees as well as have to arrange travel to be in Nigeria when it arrives if it is not shipped at the time of purchase. I believe that buying it in-country is what God would have us to do. I know that He is able to; 1) get us a good fair price for, 2) the exact vehicle that we need. Please be in prayer with us concerning this trip.

Privilege Feeding God's Shepherds

As always, during our trip in February/March, we had the awesome privilege of participating in the Pastors & Ministers Conference in Jos with our dear friend, Maiwa'azi Dandaura. This year was another blessed time of fellowship and sharing with ministers from all over Nigeria feeding on the word of God to take back to their flocks. We want to thank you our partners for supporting us so that we are able to take the word of God in action and letter to a lost and dying world.

Your Servants In Christ,

                  Larry - Sarah