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    January 2007


Happy New Year

2007 already! Where did 2006 go? And before you know it, January will be gone, February will be upon us and we will be leaving on our annual winter outreach to Nigeria. The dates for this mission are Feb. 20th - Mar. 12th. In addition to our clinics in Konduga we will be participating in the annual Pastors & Ministers Conference in Jos with our host Rev. Maiwa'azi Dandaura. There is still room for you on this outreach, but we need to hear from you by January 11th to get you all the information you need to join the team.

Sharing Together

Your support and faith in this ministry allows us to continue to be about the Father's business and once again we ask for your help with the expenses of this outreach. We will be buying as many of the medicines as we can in-country to help with the cost of shipping them in our luggage and targeting more accurately the diseases that we encounter. We will also buy in-country the flip flops (slippers) that the villagers so enjoy receiving along with soap or lotion to help them practically not just with their aches and pains. As I have often recounted to you, many times the patients come through the line simply for the handouts that we give them. This can sometimes become taxing on the team and I as the villagers become demanding wanting certain colors of slippers or extra pairs for their family members almost with an attitude of entitlement. Yet, we all feel that it is small price to pay to show the love of God to those that have so little with what we take for granted.

February 2007 Nigeria Budget

Medicines      $1500
Slippers/soap     300
Trip Expense 13,000




There has been a new development in Yale where we started our clinics in 1996. The World Health Organization (WHO) is building a new, larger clinic on the site of the old clinic in the middle of the village. This according to the pharmacist and teacher that we work with out there in Yale. When I was there in November, the walls were up but they had still not started to put on a roof or finish the walls. It is a very big structure with separate men's and women's wards as well as an OB ward. Have we waited too long to build? No, I do not think so. Remember, we were "given" land next to the clinic that was subsequently taken back allegedly to expand the school, which has since been abandoned and fallen into complete disrepair. So (Who?) will run this new clinic? (Who?) will keep it furnished and supplied so that it is more than just a clinic by name on the outside but an empty shell on the inside? As I sat under the trees in Yale in November, I heard the Lord speak to me not to be discouraged that we have not built the clinic but what others have built we will occupy. When I spoke with a dear friend about what was going on in Yale but said nothing to him about what the Lord had spoken to my heart, he immediately confirmed that word with one of his own. So, (Who?) will occupy the new Yale clinic? The Lord knows. We just want to be in place and ready to move in whatever direction the Lord leads and we covet your prayers to help us know what is the mind of the Lord in this matter.

Water, Water Everywhere...

We also would ask you to continue to pray about the request I made known last month concerning the lack of potable water in the villages. I have been in touch with some people that have done work in this area in the 3rd world and plan to continue gathering information on how to go about bringing life changing clean water to the bush. If you have ideas or resources that you would like to share with us on this project we welcome your input.

Happy Birthday

To Robert and Lauren on the 10th, (it's their 13th!!), and Kristen turns 11 on the 30th. We do so appreciate all of you who remember us on our birthdays and anniversary with cards and thoughtful words. Thank you from all of us. Thank you, too for all your lovely Christmas cards that we received this year. I was a slacker and did not get any out this year but we were so blessed by you who thought of us and blessed us with the wonderful words and cards.
               Your Servants In Christ,
                               Larry - Sarah