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September 2006

An atheist was hiking in the woods when suddenly Big Foot jumped out from the trees ready to devour him.
The atheist fell on his knees and cried out to God, "Lord, save me!"
The Lord answered, "I didn't think you believed in me."
"Well," replied the atheist, "Until 5 seconds ago,
I didn't believe in Big Foot either!"


Circumstance or Conviction

The winds and the waves influenced Peter's convictions as he walked out to Jesus on the water. Again, he was influenced by his circumstances when he denied Christ at the high priest's house. BUT, the story does not end there for when he was brought before the high priest after the day of Pentecost and the healing of the cripple laid at the gate Beautiful, he spoke boldly in the name of Jesus. When he and the other apostles were beaten and threatened, they all rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.

Fall Dates

The dates for my fall trip to Nigeria have been moved up due to new flight schedules and are set, October 28 November 9. While there is no active danger that is being reported at this time, our Nigerian brethren live with the constant knowledge that at any moment for any whim they can be attacked because of their beliefs. Yet, they go about their lives as always and rejoice and praise God in their services with gusto, enthusiasm and freedom.

Stand, Therefore Stand

Life threatening testimony is a very real way of life for our Nigerian brethren as it is for many Christians in the world today. We have heard many stories of Nigerian martyrs who have died rather than deny Christ or simply because they were known as Christians. Are our convictions, life threatening ready? As the song says, "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

Conviction NOT Circumstance

Why go then, you might ask? Because it is in obedience to God's call on our lives. Though the circumstances might have changed since we first began these outreaches 10 years ago our convictions are the same today as then. He has called us to take the Gospel to the Kanuri through the vehicle of medicine. It will have been a year since we were last in Yale and it's surrounding villages and there is a true sense of homesickness to be back among our Nigerian brethren and villagers.

Medicines / Shoe Packets  $1500
Trip Expense                         4000

We are planning to once again buy the majority of the drugs that will be most useful to us in-country along with the usual shoe packets. Your help with these costs as well as the trip expenses is greatly appreciated. Your faithful believe and support of this ministry enables us to fulfill that which God has called us to do.

Your Servants In Christ,
                Larry - Sarah

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