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March -April 2005


Bugs, bats and lizards. Those were the conditions we enjoyed in Yale where we spent the night and conducted clinics in the village during the day. The bugs were truly large roaches that  crawled everywhere after dark and kept the girls and Sarah and me awake . . . but not Robert. He slept the sleep of the redeemed throughout the night!! And of course, bats blessed us with their presence after dark as well, screeching, flying and scurrying about. The lizards were much more aggressive this time than I’ve ever known them to be. They came right at us instead of running from us. Familiarity breeds contempt I guess. And the heat – let’s not forget the temperatures of 42C, that is, 107+F. HOT! But through all of this, none of the children ever grumbled, complained or murmured that they wanted to go home. They just seemed to take everything in stride and went about the tasks at hand knowing why they were there and what needed to be done.


The tasks at hand included treating more than 300 patients during three days of clinics in the villages of Yale and Buzamri. We would have liked to have done more, but we ran out of medicines because I was not able to procure as many meds for this trip as I had wanted. I received a new insight into our relationship with the villagers when the first thing we heard from them as we began our clinics was, “Where are the shoes and candy?” They have come to expect certain things from us when we come to them. Thank God for their expectations, not only of quality care, but also simple, common pleasures. They know that when we come to minister, they will receive both – freely received, freely given.

Outside the City

We began this trip, at the leading of the Lord, to look “outside the city” at some property on which to build the clinic. The pharmacist, who has been in Yale since we began our missions, told me the clinic is needed and wanted and that there are many surrounding villages it would serve and benefit. Sarah and I, along with many on the team, feel a new push from the Lord to increase what we are doing by going to the next step and beginning the work on the clinic. Toward that end, the next trip is already in the planning stages for the end of July or the first of August. Along with conducting clinics, it will also be a time of narrowing down the location and things necessary to obtain the land for the clinic.

Van Shopping

In addition to the land, I hope to buy our van in August and have it in use by the November outreach. I am pursuing the avenue of purchasing the van in-country after speaking with a friend who recently bought a new Mercedes there. They are looking for a van, according to our specifications, so please pray with us for the success of this search and the favor of God to bring us to the right vehicle at the right price.

Jos, P&M

Our last week was spent in Jos at the annual Pastors and Ministers Conference hosted by Rev. Maiwa’azi Dandaura and Rev. Bud Cassidy from Leadership Training Int’l, Ocala, Fl. There were perhaps 600-1,000 attendees during the four days and nights of services. It is always a joy to attend and participate in these conferences because through the years we have made so many friends. But more importantly, by speaking into the lives of these church leaders, we are touching hundreds of thousands with the gospel because they take what they have heard and learned back to their congregations.

Haiti VBS

A new outreach is just over the horizon, May 27-June 3; we are preparing to lead a team from our church to Haiti to conduct a VBS for 1,200-2,000 children in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince. There will be time for other ministry as well and we are looking forward to working alongside the medical staff there in a clinic that has been in operation only for a few months. We also will be ministering in churches and conducting street services. This is a fulfillment of the desire of our heart to increase the awareness and participation of the church body in the field of foreign missions . . . our passion.

Help Appreciated

As you can see, we have some ambitious plans for the next few months and it is because of the faithful support of you - our partners - that we trust to accomplish all that God has laid on our hearts to do. We thank you for your financial assistance and ask you to prayerfully consider helping us take care of the $6,000 outstanding from this past outreach. This includes the cost of medicines and supplies needed for the trip, as well as expenses in-country. Again, thank you for your faithful support; we covet your prayers. We also welcome any who would care to join us on any of the upcoming missions. Return the Prayer Request or drop us a note and we will get you the information you desire.

Your Servants In Christ,
Larry - Sarah