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February 2005

Moving Forward

Plans move forward for our outreach to Nigeria Feb. 23 – Mar. 15. With tickets in hand and visa applications and drug requests working, we are looking forward to returning once again to our second home.

Sarah and the kids will be joining me on this trip and their anticipation is now tempered of course with the knowledge of their previous journey.

Already the talk is about the food we’ll eat and the long drives we’ll have. But, with the excitement of knowing that they will be renewing acquaintances and deepening friendships they have made. What a joy not only to do the work that God has called us to, but also to see the children embrace that work as their own.

I have been in touch with some of the team in Nigeria and they too are looking forward to our return. In fact by our return the team should have grown by one as Sis. Grace is expecting her 4th child January 26th. So remember her and the baby in your prayers. For giving birth in Nigeria is nothing like here in the States. Even in the best hospitals, the supplies and facilities are primitive by our standards.

Tsunami Aid

I am sure that you have been touched as have we by the devastation and continuing tragedy of the tsunami. One way that we are trying to help is through a link on our web page to the Red Cross where you can make donations. You can find this link on our front page and at the top of this page. If there are any of you who would like to participate in a relief mission, please let me know. I have been given a missionary contact in Sri Lanka and we are looking at a 10-14 day outreach to work beside him possibly late March or early April. As the Lord leads, we want to be willing to follow. If He closes the door, we will still help by giving.

Can I Help?

We also ask for your help with the upcoming Nigerian outreach. As I said, we are requesting drugs to take to dispense and although some of our sources are free, we must pay for others. For $430 we can purchase a tremendous amount of supplies that go a very long way in treating all we will see with the type of medicines most needed, such as antibiotics, pain relievers, fungal creams and vitamins. Your donations of funds or drugs will make a difference in someone’s life whose only access to medications and treatments are our trips to the bush.


Jos Conference

One of the joys of the trip at this time of year is the opportunity to share in the annual Pastors and Ministers Conference in Jos hosted by our Nigerian brother, Maiwa’azi Dandaura. The crowds are always very attentive and hungry for the teaching of God’s Word. What an awesome realization that by ministering to 750-1,000 attendees, we reach hundreds perhaps thousands more as they take what they have learned back to their congregations. Kinda’ makes you stop and think doesn’t it? What are we learning in OUR churches that we are taking back to our friends and families and neighbors?

Your Servants In Christ,

Larry - Sarah