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October, 2004

Traveling Soon

The excitement is growing - about leaving for Nigeria, Oct. 27 through Nov. 10. Many of you have contributed to this trip in different ways and we are so very grateful. We have received expense monies, donations of drugs, Care Packet Project funding, and of course, our Van Project. Truly we are blessed to have such wonderful partners as you that give out of the joy of your hearts to help those you do not know and will probably never meet. May God return a hundredfold blessings to you is our prayer.

Medicines Needed

Many of you have asked what type of medicines we need the most. We need pain/fever meds for adults and children (Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve), antibiotic/anti-fungal creams, eye ointments/antibiotics, and broad spectrum antibiotics for skin infections, stomach/urinary problems, etc.., for children and adults. If your family physician has samples that are close to expiration and they want to get them off their shelves, remember us, would you? We can also obtain drug supplies for a fee through an organization here in Georgia. For $435 we are able to get $2,000 to $5,000 worth of medicines. We use all of this and more each trip we take, so if you can help us with funding for these drugs, it would be a blessing.

Haiti Outreach

I spoke last month of an open door to Haiti and our plans to take Christmas shoeboxes to a boys and girls orphanage in a suburb of Port au Prince, December 27 through January 1. What a blessed response we have received to that announcement. More than half of the money has been received or pledged already for the sponsorship at $10 per child for the 82 children in the two orphanages. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. If you have heard the news, that country has once again been devastated by floods from Tropical Storm Jeanne with a large loss of life. We ask you to pray with us for the relief efforts that are ongoing and for the many, many lives that have been tragically affected.

        Your Servants In Christ,

                        Larry - Sarah