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August 2004


Plans continue for the October Nigerian Outreach, although the dates will probably be changed. One of our Nigerian team members has asked me to be the guest speaker at his wedding on Nov. 14, an honor  I cannot refuse. Therefore, we may be leaving and returning a week-and-a-half later than stated last month, although nothing has been finalized at this point. So, if you are considering going, and need to make arrangements at home, work, etc.., PLEASE contact us ASAP and we will send you the latest information as we have it. If you are thinking of joining us, you can prepare by ensuring that your passport is valid through the end of May, 2005, and by updating your tetanus and yellow fever vaccinations.

Little is Much

We will again be distributing care packets of soap and lotion to our patients as a way of giving them practical, as well as medical help. We have received $161 toward this project and welcome any who would like to share in this phase of our outreach. We normally see 750 - 900  patients per outreach with each packet now costing between $.30 - $.35 (INFLATION). Rest assured that all offerings designated for this purpose are used solely for this purpose as with all contributions that we receive. But you can see that a little goes a long way in Nigeria and even such a small amount can be a huge blessing to these people.

Medicines Needed

Also, it has been awhile since we have made an appeal for medicines, but we are in need of drugs for the outreach: Tylenol, Motrin (adults/kids), anti-fungal creams, eye drops, vitamins (mothers/kids) to name a few. Perhaps your pharmacy or family doctor has samples or nearly expired boxes that they would be willing to donate. We also obtain meds through an organization that charges $400 for what amounts to about $5,000 worth of drugs. Again, we would greatly appreciate your help in these endeavors.

Germany Favor

As was stated in our last letter, I plan to stop in Germany during this trip to go van shopping now that we have received all of the proposed budget to purchase a used vehicle for the work in the villages. We are extremely thankful to those who still want to be a part of this project and continue to give toward it. Although we have budgeted $10,000 for the vehicle, we have no idea what the costs will be to ship it to Nigeria and then get it through customs. So again, do not think that your giving will be used for anything but what it is designated for. We covet your prayers as I travel to Germany that God will direct our steps to the right vehicle and give us wisdom and understanding and favor in shipping it to Nigeria.

Haiti Prayers

I will be in Haiti this month, Aug. 13 through 15, on a fact-finding trip with one of the brethren from our church to see what the needs are at an orphanage there just outside Port-a-Prince. This is a door that has been opened to us, I believe, through our home church to expand the missionary vision and outreach of our church, as well as the expansion of our work. I covet your prayers as we strive to always follow and be obedient to Godís leading.

Your Servants in Christ,

                        Larry - Sarah