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June/July 2004

Fall Plans

Plans are beginning for our fall outreach to Nigeria. As the schedule stands now, we will be leaving Thursday, Oct. 21 and returning Saturday, Nov. 6. In addition to the medical outreach, our plan this trip is to begin the purchasing process for the van for which so many of you have sacrificially given to allow us to obtain for the work in the villages. Toward that end, we will be spending a few days in Germany checking on models, prices, availability, shipping, export/import, etc. So we covet your prayers that we would have the favor and direction of God to find the right vehicle that He has prepared for us to profit the ministry that He has given to us.


Although we are not planning to go as a family this time, I am looking forward to this trip as it will have been a year since I was last in Nigeria. I say this often because it is so true, I leave part of me behind whenever I return from Nigeria. I leave brothers and sisters, family in the Lord that we love and appreciate and long to see and work and fellowship with again. Sarah and I, along with our Nigerian teammates, are looking for the beginning of the harvest of souls that God has allowed us to be planting these past 8 years through twice-yearly outreaches. We are looking for the smallest of “sprouts,” if you will, of faith beginning in the lives of those to whom we have ministered medically during these past 8 years.

As I have stated before, they know that we are Christians because they have told us often that only Christians would leave home and family and come to the bush as we do. We also hope to network with those Christian Nigerians that live in nearby towns, Konduga, Bama, Maiduguri, and who come to the villages to plant and harvest crops in the fields. We hope to enlist their help to encourage those who have questions about Jesus and salvation while we are absent and while they are there working their crops. We covet your prayers as we endeavor to further sow the good  news of the Gospel.

Join Us

If you have ever wanted to be a part of a medical missions trip, then we would welcome your participation this fall. Contact us ASAP so we can get you the information you will need to join us.

A New Door

A new door has been opened for us through our church with the opportunity to minister in Haiti at an orphanage there. I will be part of a fact-finding team traveling to Haiti in August to see what the needs are and how we can be a part of God's hand extended there. We are excited and blessed by this new opportunity that God has afforded us to take His Word to the Nations.

                                                        Your Servants In Christ,

                                                                        Larry - Sarah