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April – May 2004

I have attempted to write this letter now for more than a month, but have had a serious case of “writer’s block!” That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it, since I finally figured out that the subject I have been trying to write about is not what the Lord wants me to share.

So, let me just say Thank You to all of you who have continued to support us with your offerings and especially your encouraging words.

Pray for the Nations

I have heard no news from the team in Nigeria, which is not unusual given their difficult communications. However, the word from the Pastors and Ministers Conference in Jos was that it was great. The crowds, however, were down from previous years because of unrest nearby prior to the start of the conference.

We still need to lift up Nigeria in prayer as the turmoil between Muslim and Christian continues unabated. Are we truly committed to our beliefs that we would fight and die for our faith as the Nigerians and so many other Christians throughout the world are willing to do? Sometimes, it makes you stop and consider.

Fall Outreach

We have had no clear direction to make a trip this summer to minister as I had been contemplating, so we will prepare for our next outreach in the fall leaving the week of Oct. 24, returning the week of Nov. 7. If you would like to join us on this outreach, or if you have sources to any medicines that might be beneficial to our villagers, we welcome your help. Contact us ASAP so we can be in touch with information.

Van Update

We have received another $950 toward the purchase of a reliable van to transport the team to the villages. This brings the total in cash and pledges to $11,076. Thank you so much; you will never know how big a blessing this will be, unless, of course, you take a test drive yourself.

                Your Servants In Christ,

                        Larry - Sarah