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March 2004

Father Knows Best

I am writing this newsletter this last night of February from home and not from Nigeria where I had planned on and had hoped to be. But Father, my heavenly Father God, knows best. As I had been making preparations for this trip during December, January and especially this month, things were not coming together. Funding did not come in for my trip expenses, not to mention the expenses of taking the whole family, nor did any medical supplies materialize. And on top of all that, my mindset never changed as it always does when I am taking a trip in anticipation of the changes in lifestyle, eating, drinking, sleeping, habits, etc., that take place on one of these trips.

But, I kept putting fleece out before the Lord, even changing dates, holding out to the very last minute even when I knew that the Lord had closed the door on this trip. Why? Because even now, my heart is there wishing, willing, desiring to be where God has called us to work among the people that God has called us to serve.

Two Closed Doors

Why the closed door? Two reasons became apparent this month, even though I did not want to acknowledge them initially because I was so focused on making this trip as regularly scheduled! First and foremost, all three of our children, Robert, Lauren, and Kristen were baptized this last Sunday night of February, publicly confessing that they had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and are committed to making Him Lord of their lives. This is not a ball game or piano recital that I would be missing, but the most monumental moment in their lives that I could not miss, that my heavenly Father would not let me miss! I thank you for it, Lord. Secondly, the week before I had originally intended to leave, I began having some medical problems that required fairly immediate attention, which I received this past week and am now back to 100 percent. Because, Father Knows Best.

Whatís Next?

So what is next? We still very much want to return to Nigeria as a family this year and preferably before the fall, but as to specifics, we have none yet. So please, make it a matter of prayer with us that we will be mindful of His leading as God directs our steps where and when He wants us to go.

Van Appeal = $10,000

There is rejoicing in the camp this month as we have exceeded our goal for the van in monies and pledges. Thank you for your sacrificial giving to provide this much needed transportation.

    Received = $ 5,126
    Pledged   =    5,000

Thank You

Our thanks as well to all of you who contributed to this ministry during these past few months, designating your offerings toward this tripís expenses or for the shoes and soap packets. Please be assured that your funds will be set aside and reserved for use for what they were specified for at a later date and not used for any other project or expense. We so appreciate your faithfulness and belief in your support of this ministry. May God richly bless and prosper you in all that you endeavor to do for Him.

Your Servants In Christ,

Larry - Sarah