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January 2004


Dear Larry,

I realize you are still in Nigeria as I write this, but I wanted to get it done before I forgot. I just opened your latest newsletter, even though I had received it a few days ago, and as I was reading it, I had to stop and go read it to my husband. After I was done, I just sat there unable to talk. What you wrote about the sandals and candy humbled me more then anything has in awhile. A couple of years ago that would have seemed so normal to me, I don't even think it would have really affected me. That kind of poverty was what I saw everyday. Even though I was no longer on the mission field in Mexico, it was still fresh in my mind and heart. As I was reading this letter, I realized how selfish and wasteful I have become since returning home.  I throw $.25 in the bottom of my purse or the cup holder of my car everyday. I don't even bother to wait for my change when it's 1 or 2 cents. But to the people you minister to it would make their day.  So thanks for making me cry, and reminding me what itís really all about.

Abundant Life

That was a testimonial from one of our supporters who spent two years on the mission field in Mexico herself, written while I was on our November outreach. As we come through this holiday season and prepare for the New Year, 2004, may we never forget how blessed we are to be living here in America, the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, One Nation Under God, in Whom We Trust. I often tell others when sharing about our ministry, that we in America live for the necessities of a lifestyle: 2 cars, cellphones, DVDs, PDAs, laptops, desktops, A/C, 4 bedrooms-3 baths-2 car garage, fast food, instant meals, vacation home in the mountains/beach,etc., and I am thankful that I am an American with access to these luxuries. Yes, I said luxuries because I believe that there are only 5 NECESSITIES for life: clean water, nutritional food, adequate shelter, clothing and Jesus Christ. Anything and everything else are simply necessities for lifestyles. It is not my intention to make you feel guilty or defensive in any way about the blessings that God has bestowed upon us as Americans. On the contrary, I pray that we will all realize how fortunate we are and strive to do more in '04 to share our blessings and the love of Christ with others less fortunate than ourselves. Whether it be across the sea or across the street, may God open our eyes to see where we can help others and be the hand of God extended.

February Outreach

Feb. 19 through March 9, 2004

We welcome your participation as we are planning to once again travel as a family for our medical outreach followed by the Jos Pastorís & Ministers Conference.

Van Appeal:

          $10,000 - budgeted
              5,000 - pledges
              2,560 - received
          $  2,440 - remaining

Your help with this project is greatly appreciated and needed so that we can have adequate transportation.

Family Update

Once a year I like to update you on our family and January seems to be the best month as it is the month that we celebrate all the kids' birthdays as well as our anniversary. Robert and Lauren will be 10 on the 10th while Kristen turns 8 on the 30th. The 21st will mark our 26th year together, forever as we continue to homeschool the children, working opposite days at different hospitals here in the Atlanta area. Words are so inadequate, but we sincerely do gratefully appreciate all that you do for us with your faithful support of prayers, finances, participation and words of encouragement.

Your Servants In Christ,

            Larry - Sarah